E. G. Mahler & Associates, Inc. (EGMA)


EGMA is a consulting company focused on helping clients achieve full asset agility. Winning in today's global, tumultuous markets against fierce competition requires asset agility. Asset agility --- efficient operation AND rapid adaptation of assets to meet customer needs --- is essential in the three asset arenas of knowledge, working capital, and equipment.  We specialize in combining sound science with organizational rigor for quick and lasting bottom line improvement.

We are a preferred best practice vendor for several Fortune 500 manufacturing sector companies. We provide state of the art processes and supporting software systems for

  • integrated supply chain planning, demand and inventory management, scheduling, and logistics
  • knowledge management including intelligent search and filtering, insight generation tools such as visualization and summarization, and computerized models for knowledge delivery
  • new product development with a focus on commercialization aspects
  • agile manufacturing
    • process control optimization
    • asset productivity
    • high performing work systems.

EGMA was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Wilmington, DE, USA.  Our sixty senior professionals with decades of hands-on operating experience  provide both content and business process know-how.

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