Dr. Ed Mahler is founder and president of E. G. Mahler and Associates, Inc. (EGMA) Sixty EGMA consultants offer recognized best practices assistance to the manufacturing sector.  He is widely known for his pioneering work and continuing leadership of business oriented intelligent systems. He led the highly successful DuPont program that received numerous awards including the innovation award from High Technology magazine. He enjoyed a 23 year career spanning numerous positions in  research, engineering, manufacturing, strategic planning and information technology. In 1992 he left DuPont to lead EGMA's championing of asset agility , the critical strategy for winning in today's intense competitive environment. He has given over 100 seminars and workshops for building expert systems and has taught an expert system course at James Madison University where he was an Associate Professor during 1993.

      Ed received his Bachelor's and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Texas.

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